Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some books you should read!

     Jane Austen fans should seriously consider this series by Linore Rose Burkard called A Regency Inspirational Romance. It is a three book series and the first two are already out, so if you haven't read them yet you need to catch up! I have read both of the books that are out and have the highest regard for them. The characters are both lovable and realistic. Here is my review of BOOK 2, The House in Gorsvenor Square:
     If you like Austen, you should read this series. Some regency writers try to copy Austen to the extent that their own story is lost. That is not the case in this book, however. I loved it. Linore is historically accurate, without being stuffy, or too detailed. The mayhem that occurs in this book is astounding. I loved when they are all going to each others houses, and missing each other by seconds. It was truly comical. This whole series had delighted me, and I am eagerly awaiting book three, “The Country House Courtship”.

Left: Book 1  Right: Book 2


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Linore is a good friend of mine. We are only several historical writing groups together and she truly is a gifted writer, indeed!

Congrats, on your new blog!

Carman said...

She is very talented!
Thank you! I'm really enjoying it. :)

Linore said...

Thanks to both of you. (Blushing, here). I love your blog, Carman! Not to mention the company you keep--Hi, Jennifer! You are a talented writer, too, by the way.


Carman said...

Thank you! I love it too. I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot.
I'm looking forward to reading Jennifer's book, and your next one!

Corinne said...

I am planning on reading this series, only the library is taking forever to get it. I love the Regency Era and am looking forward to this series.