Thursday, August 4, 2011

I screwed up. :(

Guys, I'm really sorry that I skipped out on you for the whole summer! I lost control of everything and had to give something up. I'm sorry that I haven't even said anything! I kept meaning to get on and start blogging again or at least wrap everything up, but I never got around to it. :/ I pretty much failed, and I know it. LOL

I decided that since I am moving on campus to start college this fall, I am going to stop blogging for a while. So, for the forseeable future, I will not be blogging. Now, I know this means that all those author interviews, giveaways, and everything that I planned will be put on hold too and I'm really sorry. I hope to start blogging again once I'm settled in to college life so maybe later this year, or maybe not until the first semester is over...

I hope you will all forgive me for just leaving like that. I know I let some people down. I'm trying to get everything under control, but... LOL I hope that you will all keep following me and come back as faithful readers when I take my blogs off hiatus.

Love you all!