Thursday, September 17, 2009

New series by Donita K. Paul

     The Vanishing Sculptor is the first in a brand new three book series by Donita that fantasy readers are sure to love. The series is called the Chiril Chronicles, because it takes place on a brand new continent (though still the same world as the DragonKeeper Chronicles). We see some very familiar faces in this book and it really opens up a new side to some well-loved characters.
     About the book:
In The Vanishing Sculptor, readers will meet Tipper, a young emerlindian who’s responsible for the upkeep of her family’s estate during her sculptor father’s absence. Tipper soon discovers that her actions have unbalanced the whole foundation of her world, and she must act quickly to undo the calamitous threat. But how can she save her father and her world on her own? The task is too huge for one person, so she gathers the help of some unlikely companions–including the nearly five-foot tall parrot Beccaroon–and eventually witnesses the loving care and miraculous resources of Wulder. Through Tipper’s breathtaking story, readers will discover the beauty of knowing and serving God.
     My review:
Once again Donita gives us a new story filled with action, confused wizards, eccentric artists, and the forever-loving Wulder. I loved the characters in this book. Some we know and love, and some are new to us, but equally lovable. I can't wait for the other books in this series! This book, along with Donita's DragonKeeper Chronicles, make excellent fantasy reads.
OK, so, a writer I'm not. But still. I can't say enough good things about this book and Donita's other series. I love them both! If you haven't read this yet, I recommend that you go and get it ASAP!


Donita K. Paul said...

Thank you for the review, Carman. Your site looks great. Did you do all this work yourself? i admit that I am techy-challenged and have someone help decorate and organize my blogs.

Carman said...

Thank you! My mom helped me with getting started, and I got the background at Shel's Scraps. There is a link for the site on the right side of my blog. She has really cool blog backgrounds for free. You should check them out! Thanks for stopping by!