Monday, September 28, 2009

Maggie Rose by Sharlene MacLaren ~ 4/5 stars

Maggie Rose
by Sharlene MacLaren
Daughters of Jacob Cane, Book 2

Whitaker House- Publisher
About the book:
A Pursuit of a Calling
The year is 1904, and Maggie Rose, the spunky, friendly, twenty-year-old middle daughter of Michigan resident Jacob Kane, feels compelled to leave her beloved hometown of Sandy Shores to pursue what she feels in her heart are God's plans for her life-in New York City.

A Heart for the Homeless
Maggie Rose adjusts to her new life at Sheltering Arms Refuge, an orphanage that also transports homeless children to towns across the United States to match them with compatible families. Most of the children have painful pasts that make Maggie aghast, but she marvels at their resiliency. As she gets to know each child, her heart blossoms with new depths of love and compassion.

An Unexpected Attraction
When a newspaper reporter comes to stay at the orphanage in order to gather research for an article, Maggie is struck by his handsome face-and concerned by his lack of faith. She can't deny their mutual affections, though. Will she win the struggle to maintain her focus on God and remain attuned to His guidance?

My review:
Maggie Rose (the character) has such a compassionate heart, and will to serve others, that it makes me want to be a better person. Seriously. The love that Maggie portrays in this book is completely like the love of God. Though, it is a learning experience. She isn't one of those "naturally good" people; she learns to be like Him. And as you read this book, you learn right along with her. I can't wait to see what mischief Abbie Ann gets herself into in book three!

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Sharlene MacLaren said...

Well, lookie there, you put up a review of Maggie Rose. Thank you so much, Carman! I just sent you a FB message about doing an interview and a giveaway in the future. Not even realizing you'd already posted a review of Maggie Rose, I wonder if you want to do the giveaway now or later. Just let me know.

Very nice blog by the way. Love the look and colors. I can't begin to make my blog look this cool. Probably 'cause I have very little tech-sense!


Carman said...

Thank you for stopping by! Isn't the background gorgeous? I got it for free at Shel's Scraps. You should check it out. She has tons of them.

I'll contact you about the giveaway. Thank you!