Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Funnies #53!

So funny!


Linda Kish said...

Thanks! That was great.

Virginia said...

that was funny.....loved the woman who couldn't park the car....My husband would have done the same thing...parked it for her!! the oil change was scary, that always scares me pulling into something like that....and the last one was too perfect, bet he didn't mean to park like that!!!!!!!!!but it was

Anne Payne said...

Love your Sunday Funnies! Hope you keep them :)

Casey said...

I LOVE this one!! I need to send you another one I found online... PERFECT for your SF. :)

Carman said...

Linda~ You're welcome! Thanks for commenting.

Virginia~ Thanks! I always crack up when I watch this. :D

Anne~ I'm going to, just making a few changes.

Casey~ I would love for you to. Thank you! :D