Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Funnies #52!

This is especially funny to me because I have three friends who golf. :)

We have made it to one year's worth of Sunday Funnies! Thank you my lovely readers! :D


Leanne said...

That sure would scare me away!

Nonners said...

Ahahahaha. That is so funny.

Judy B said...

this is pretty funny! and so close to the hole! I have to admit, being new to your blog... when I voted to get rid or keep the Sunday funnies, I really thought you meant the funnies in the newspaper.... can I change my vote?? lol. Keep them!

Carman said...

HAHA! Thanks for commenting, guys! I know, right?!? I'd probably wet myself! :/

Judy~ LOL. Thanks for letting me know! Yes, you can. ;) I'll take that into consideration!