Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hearts Surrender by Marianne Evans ~ 4 stars

Hearts Surrender
Marianne Evans
Woodland series #2
White Rose Publishing
About the book:
Kiara Jordan is a sophisticated modernista, but beneath an engaging personality and super-model looks, her heart hungers, and she longs for deeper meaning in her life.

Ken Lucerne is the charismatic young pastor of Woodland Church; he's adjusting to life as a widower and copes by keeping as busy as possible with his parish and missionary work.

A home-building mission in Pennsylvania brings them together, and forces them to look hard and deep at the relationship they share, and where God means for it to go. Already bound by mutual respect and caring, love dawns, a love that takes them to a life-point neither would have expected.

After all, can a chic, vivacious woman find fulfillment within the quiet, mission-centered life of a clergyman? Can they trust God's hand strongly enough to surrender their hearts to one another...forever?

My review:
Well, I saw a marked improvement between the first book in this series, and this one. The writing was stronger, and the characters were understandable and easy to connect with. I could see their struggles, and enjoyed watching each of them grow in their faith. I especially loved when they were on the mission trip and wished more time could have been devoted to that part of the book. Such a wonderful opportunity to help others! Aside from a few belief differences, I had no real problems with this book. It was a quick, fun read. I look forward to continuing to see this author grow and write more in the future.

Thanks to Marianne for my free review copy of this book!


apple blossom said...

I've not heard of this book. thanks for the review.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Jackie S. said...

New author and new book to me....thanks for your post about it!

EJ said...

This is a new author for me, but the story line sounds very interesting.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

The characters sound really sweet. I hadn't heard of this author or book before.

Carman said...

Thanks all of you for commenting! :) If you do read any of her books, I hope you enjoy them! :)

Judy B said...

I haven't heard of this author before but the characters sound very endearing! The storyline sounds like it could be very interesting!

cathypurdue said...

Thanks for the review...not sure it's a book I would pick I really prefer historical settings and more realistic characters.

karenk said...

a great review...will keep my eyes open for this fabulous novel

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Jane said...

I, too, have never heard of this author or book. Great review!

Carman said...

Thanks for commenting, guys! LOL Seems like a pretty consistent response. :)

I hope that those of you who do decide to read her books, enjoy them. :)

Marianne Evans said...

Carman, please forgive me for being delayed in saying thank you very much for taking the time to read and review Hearts Surrender. I appreciate your dedication to sharing book opinions/analysis. God bless you.

Carman said...

That's alright, Marianne! :) You're welcome.