Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marrying Mallory by Diane Craver ~ 3/5 stars

Marrying Mallory
Diane Craver

Desert Breeze Publishing
About the book:
Is Mallory Harrington jinxed because her name means luckless? Things have gone wrong for Mallory since she was a small child. All she ever wanted was to have a complete family and live happily ever after. It appears she has it all when she marries Toby Harrington and they have a son. Unfortunately, their marriage ends when Toby has an affair with his law partner. After their divorce, Mallory feels guilt that she couldn't forgive Toby for his affair. As a Christian, she should be able to forgive him for his sin.

Mallory decides to do something for herself, and get a surgical procedure that she's always wanted. What she doesn't expect is her instant attraction to her surgeon.

Sometimes faith is about accepting what can’t be changed and grabbing what God offers her. Life must go on.

My review:
I’m giving this book a three star rating, because of a couple inconsistencies in the story and the sometimes random parts in the dialogue. However, I understand that when writing an 86 page book, you would have to compress stuff and sometimes have the characters say seemingly random things to cut down on size, while still bringing up important issues. I think that this has the potential to be a great story, if only Diane didn’t have to skip so many important moments to meet her word count, or whatever her cut-off was. I liked the story line and characters, just not that it was so short and compressed.


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