Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teen People of the Bible by Daniel Darling ~ 4 stars

Teen People of the Bible: Celebrity Profiles of Real Faith and Tragic Failure
Daniel Darling
New Hope Publishers
About the book:
The Bible speaks clearly to issues that teens of any generation experience. Teen People of the Bible is a 100-day devotional for teens that shares the stories of teen celebrities in the Bible—Cain, Abel, Rebekah, Isaac, Daniel, Esther, David, Michal, Solomon and many more—relating their struggles and victories to those of today’s teens. As each new biblical person is introduced and discussed, the author provides unique lessons that inspire or challenge teens as they navigate their own spiritual journey.

My review:
This 100 day Devotional for teens is a great source for a teen who wants to see how Bible stories can relate to them since they aren’t “old.” For the most part, this was a great devotional and I enjoyed it. It seemed to have good insight into the Word, and relevant scripture usage. There were only a few things that I disagreed with, or was a little “fuzzy” on. All in all, I think this is a good place for teens to go to show stories and explain about the teenagers from the Bible.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a good idea, I would be especially interested in what the women teens of the bible parts of it. Also curious about the fuzzy parts that you disagreed with.


misskallie2000 said...

This is great time for this book to come out with the condition of our great country and the falling to the wayside for teens going to church. I think it will be a great tool to help teens find their way and go on to have a great adult hood.
Great review.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dodt com

barbjan10 said...

I noticed this book earlier and wondered about how accurate the writer could be about a teenage Cain or Able.I think a book like this is needed and necessary to our youth today. I would want to be sure of what is a little "fuzzy" or I didn't agree with. I would want to read it first. I believe each teen would be a good example to hold up to today's values. Thanks for a crisp and quick review.

Carman said...

Thanks for commenting everyone!

I had written and posted a more detailed comment, but it has disappeared for some reason. :/

Charlotte said...

I'm just a bit concerned that there were a few things you disagreed with. Could you elaborate?

charsaltz (at) yahoo (dot) com

Lady DragonKeeper said...

I "ditto" the other comments . . . if you have the time, I'd be interested to see what you were concerned about. This sounds like it could be a good devo for one of my siblings who hates to read . . . if there are 100 devos, they're probably not too long in length?

Michelle said...

Thanks for the review on this, Carman. This looks like a good one for me to pick up, since I have a 13 year old and a 12 year old.


kristia4 said...

Sounds like a fun devotional book! I'll have to check it out . . . thanks for the review.

LuLu said...

This looks like a great book, thanks for the review!

~Lauri (lulu)

Carman said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

The things that I had an issue with were where I believe differently than Daniel did. I believe more Charismatic and Word of Faith than him. The other thing was that I sometimes thought he could have chosen better scripture references than he did. Those were really the only things. :)