Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Funnies!


Ever wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?

What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?

What if we flipped through it several time a day?

What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?

What if we used it to receive messages from the text?

What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?

What if we gave it to Kids as gifts?

What if we used it when we traveled?

What if we used it in case of emergency?

This is something to make you go....hmm...where is my Bible?

Oh, and one more thing.

Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think "where are my priorities"? And no dropped calls!

When Jesus died on the cross, he was thinking of you!

And since that wasn't technically funny...

Here is a post from Seekerville titled "She Said WHAT?"

But first, a warning... you *might* fall off your chair from laughing hysterically.


Teresa Dawn said...

I've read this one before, and I love it...

Though I'm not totally sure it applies to me seeing as I've never owned a cellphone and really am far more likely to turn to the bible (which I carry in my purse) than a non-existant phone for any of these things.

misskallie2000 said...

I agree. If only we treated our Bible as we do our cell phone this world would be a better place for all. You can reach out and touch anyone you wish to touch.

Brad Jaeger said...

I disagree with just about everything in this post, but I still wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog :)

Carman said...

Teresa Dawn~ Wow! I can't imagine life without my cell phone. I find it very handy. lol But good for you! I love it too. Kinda makes you think. ;)

misskallie2000~ Yep. It makes me think about how I treat my Bible. I'm really not as diligent as I should be. :/

Brad~ I'm sorry to hear that. :( What is it that you disagree with? Thank you! What is it that you enjoy about my blog? (I always love to get reader's feedback.) :)

Brad Jaeger said...

I'm about as far removed from a Christian as one could possibly be, so the importance of the Bible is considerably lessened as it relates to me :p

That being said, I am a voracious reader of anything related to the development of early Christianity, because anything with such an influence on world culture is of immediate interest to me.

I read and enjoy your blog because you're full of helpful advice and you have a cheerful disposition :)

Carman said...

Brad~ So you aren't a Christian. What are your beliefs? If you want, you can send me an email. (booklovercb[at] it might be easier than commenting on here. LOL. :)

That's awesome! You sound like a wide reader. Is that true?

Thank you! I'm intrigued, though. What advice have I given? It's true though that I AM a cheerful person most of the time. Unless there is a shortage of sugar... ;)