Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So Over My Head by Jenny B. Jones ~ 5 stars + Favorite

So Over My Head
Jenny B. Jones
A Charmed Life series #3
Thomas Nelson
About the book:
Newly single, stalked by a killer, and in desperate need of some chic clown shoes--Bella is one skinny mocha frapp away from total meltdown.

When the Fritz Family Carnival makes its annual appearance in Truman, Bella's keen reporter instincts tell her the bright lights hide more than they reveal. Her suspicions are confirmed when one of the stars is murdered. Though the police make an immediate arrest, Bella doubts this case is quite that simple.

She needs her crime-solving boyfriend, Luke, more than ever. Problem is, his ex-girlfriend has moved back to town, giving Bella some murderous thoughts of her own. Then again, there's no time for a relationship crisis when Bella's doing her best to derail her father's wedding and stay one step ahead of a killer.

Is God sending her a message in all of this madness? With a murderer on the loose and her boyfriend's ex on the prowl, this undercover clown has never had more to juggle--or more to risk.

My review:
In this final book in the Charmed Life series, Bella’s life is a little… difficult. Being forced to deal with her father’s upcoming marriage to a woman Bella has doubts about, not to mention the soon-to-be-stepmother’s evil little sister, is a big enough problem. Add to that her boyfriend’s ex being back in town, and the fact that she seems just a little too interested in Luke for Bella’s comfort. But, Bella is never happier than when she is using her sleuthing skills, so, in addition to all this, she takes it upon herself to find the killer of a murdered carnival worker whose body she was unfortunate enough to be the one to discover.

Jenny B. Jones can write a great story. This is definitely one of her best. I loved this book! Jenny writes mysteries from Bella’s perspective that will captivate kids of any age, whether 13, 93, or anywhere in between. This book pretty much has it all. Romance to make you sigh. Humor to make you laugh out loud (I know I did). Wit to make you grin and take notes from the master. Suspense to make you read as fast as you possibly can. And in the middle of it all, a subtle yet uplifting message of faith throughout our trials and trust despite our fears. This series is highly recommended.


Casey said...

Great review, I enjoyed reading it!

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misskallie2000 said...

Hi Carman, That was a great review and a book I would love to read. I love suspense, mystery, intrigue, and romance with humor and HEA. Not really asking for to much. LOL

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Molly(Buukluvr81) said...

Great review! I will have to check out this series!


Carman said...

Casey~ Thanks! :)

misskallie~ Thanks. I'm sure you would enjoy it. They really are all great books. :) Quite right. ;) hehe

Molly~ You definitely should! It's a great series.

Esther Y.M. said...

I've never come across this series yet.

Will probably check it out.



karenk said...

great posting :)

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Carman said...

Esther~ Really?! It's really good. You definitely should check it out. :)

karenk~ Thanks!

barbjan10 said...

Carmen, wonderful assessment of everything in this book. I agree with you 100%. I'd definitely enjoy reading this book. Thanks for sharing your review.

Blessed Be in Christ,
Barb Shelton

Carman said...

Barb~ Thank you! That's awesome. I hope you get to read it soon! :) Thanks for commenting