Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Jewel of His Heart by Maggie Brendan ~ 4/5 stars

The Jewel of His Heart
Maggie Brendan

Revell- Publisher
About the book:

Their future is as wide open as the Montana sky.

Juliana Brady is alone in an 1890s Montana mining town, with few prospects for making a living. But she is determined not to be dependent on the charity of others.

Josh McBride is trying to scrape up a living from his sheep herd while he builds his ranch. But when he discovers some rare stones on his property, he's tempted by the prospect of fast money.

When their paths cross, Juliana and Josh must make a choice--the world's riches and promises, or the eternal value of love.

My review:

Josh McBride is probably one of my favorite heroes. I love the way he just blurts things out! He isn’t too bold, but he will say what is on his mind, and I like that. I think he shocked Juliana a few times. ;) Juliana is a character that you can really understand. She has been hurt, and because of that is very cautious. I liked how things turned out with her father. That was a good ending, because I would have hated it if she never new what had happened to her dad. (I hate it when there are loose ties at the end of a book.) In the end Juliana realizes that Josh is well worth the risk, and everything turns out wonderfully. I’m really looking forward to book three!


collettakay said...

They sound like great characters. Thanks for the review. I'll have to make sure it's on my wishlist.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it too, Carman! :)

Great review, btw. *wink*

~ Lori

Carman said...

@collettakay: Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the book. :D In a few eeks I will be doing a giveaway of this book. Make sure to enter.
@Lori: I'm glad you enjoyed it! It IS really good. :O Thank you! I try SO hard to make my reviews good, informative, and easy-to-read. Its always nice to get a good review on my review. ;)