Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hatteras Girl by Alice Wisler ~ 3 stars

Hatteras Girl
Alice Wisler
Bethany House
About the book:
Fall in love with Alice J. Wisler's charming characters in this delightful story set in the beach communities of North Carolina's Outer Banks.

Jackie Donovan prays for two things: an honest, wonderful man to marry and to own a bed-and-breakfast on the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the meantime, she works for Lighthouse Views, writing articles about local business owners, and intrepidly goes on the blind dates set up by her well-meaning but oh-so-clueless relatives.

There's one specific property Jackie dreams of purchasing: The Bailey House, a fabulous old home located right next to the ocean, a place where Jackie spent many happy childhood afternoons. But the Bailey House has strange stories and secrets surrounding it—not to mention its outrageous price tag.

When Jackie meets handsome Davis Erickson, who holds the key to the Bailey property, she believes God has answered both her prayers. But as Jackie learns some disturbing details about Davis's past, she begins to wonder if her heart has lead her astray. Will she risk her long-held dreams to find out the truth?

My review:
Well, I hate to give an unfavorable review, but I will be honest regarding my thoughts on this book.

There were some things I liked about the book. The setting. The dream Jackie had of one day owning the Bailey House. But, the things that I didn’t like seemed a little louder than the things I did.

*The rest of this review will have some spoilers, so beware* I found the dialogue in some places to be unbelievable. (Such as when she confronts Davis at the Grille.) If I was having an argument and someone was speaking that way to me, I would think they were mentally unstable. It was very random dialogue.

Also, Jackie didn’t seem to have any spiritual growth throughout the book. There were moments early on where she asked questions regarding God and why He let certain things happen, and I never felt like she was resolved with any of it.

Finally, the book broke one of my pet peeves. That is when there is more romance (and focus on the relationship) between a heroine (or hero) and the person they don’t end up with than there is with the person that they do end up with. That bothers me, but I know it doesn’t for everyone.

There were a couple other things too, but I don’t want to go on forever on the book’s issues. I think there will be some people who enjoy this book, but, sadly, I wasn’t one of them.

Thanks to Bethany house for my review copy of this book.


Renee Ann said...

Thanks for being honest, Carman. It helps me know what books to avoid. Life's too short to read a time-waster!

diana said...

I won this book in a contest but haven't read it yet b/c I'm trying to finish stack of TBR books that I already have. It sounds like a good book to read if you are just wanting an easy relaxing read...nothing too deep. I'm not sure I would have bought it b/c my love is historical fiction and Amish books, but I'm glad I won it b/c of the setting and storyline. I have a question for you, Carman, simply b/c every blog is so different. When you have a giveaway do you contact winner via email or announce it on your blog and we have to keep returning to your blog to see if we won? Like I said the requirements of every blod giveaway are all so different. Thanks!

Carman said...

Renee Ann~ You're welcome. :) I feel the same way. I'm just sad that I felt so bad about this one. :/

Diana~ It probably would be. Yes, I contact every winner through an email. (That is why it is mandatory to leave an email addy when entering a giveaway on my blog.) Thanks for asking. :)

apple blossom said...

thanks for your honest review.

Maureen said...

Carman thank you so much for this review. If I decided by the cover it would be a winner for me. It kind of draws me in. I really appreciate your taking the time and being so honest it really helps!

Carman said...

Apple Blossom~ Thanks for commenting. :)

Maureen~ You're welcome. Thank you for being so encouraging! :) I'm glad I can hlep!