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Michelle Sutton ~ Interview + Giveaway!

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Today author Michelle Sutton is telling us about her new ebook, In Plain Sight. She has offered a copy of her ebook to one lucky commenter. She will also be stopping by throughout the week to answer your questions! So if you have anything you want to ask her, you can include it in your comment for entering the contest. If you are only leaving a question in the comment and not entering the giveaway please say so.

Welcome, Michelle! Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm a mom with two boys who are graduating from high school this year. I'm excited and sad that they'll be leaving at the same time. Wait a minute, this comment is not about myself as a novelist. Switching gears here… I've written over a dozen novels (I actually lost count) and have a ton of books coming out in the next two years. I love writing, but used to dread it when I was in school. My husband and boys are very supportive of my writing. That's a wonderful feeling…. But I write too fast for them so they can't keep up with my stories, LOL!

How long have you been writing? How many books do you have published?
I've got 14 books in the lineup total so far. And if two proposals I've got pending are taken, that will add two more to the lineup. Sweet, eh? I started writing in August of 2003. I've come a long way, baby. I would not want anyone to read my original books. Ick.

If you compared your writing style to any other Christian Fiction author, who would it be? Also, how would you rate the romance in you books?
My writing is similar to Karen Kingsbury, Lisa Samson, and Julie Lessman, but honestly, it's totally me. My books have a bit more edge in the sense that I am not as constrained by the requirements from typical CBA publishers so I am able to be more frank with my readers. And as far as ratings go…my lowest would be PG, with my summer release getting up into the R- for restricted zone. I like them hot.

In your own words tell us a little about In Plain Sight.
This story is the sequel to Danger at the Door. I wanted to name it Danger at the Diner but the publisher said it made her think of food poisoning. Anyway, In Plain Sight is about Bojan's sister from Danger at the Door. Here is a mini-blurb…

Abused by her gypsy ex-boyfriend and left for dead, Jovana moves to America seeking a new life; two handsome men desire her heart, but she must choose the right one or end up in a situation much worse than before.

Back cover blurb:
Jovana was held captive by her gypsy boyfriend for seven years, and when he abandons her she returns to her parents' home in Macedonia. Her brother Bojan introduces her to faith and offers her a new life in Arizona.

While in Arizona, she stays with her future sister-in-law, but as her brother's wedding approaches he is concerned that she will be unsafe staying alone. Her brother has his close friend, her boss Randy, stay with her while they are away to protect her, only she objects to being treated like a child. A handsome stranger is pursuing her and she likes it, but she has no idea his intentions are for her destruction.

On the other hand her boss, Randy, is a wholesome, good man who even speaks her language. She can't imagine a nice man like him wanting a woman with her history, so she pursues the dangerous man, but she gets in way over her head. At the same time she discovers a surprising attraction to Randy developing, and because she is afraid of her feelings toward him, she does everything she can think of to scare him off. But he's tough to shake loose, which is, of course, exactly what she needs to heal.

What made you want to write this story?
I really enjoyed Bojan's story and wanted to write about his sister's healing process. They are a passionate and unique family. I love the cultural elements in this book, too.

What research did you have to do for this book?
Not too much. I still had my Macedonian/English translation that I used for some of the words. I had a ton of research I did for the first book and still had that info including info about the culture from people who came to the US from Macedonia and Albania. They helped a lot with the particulars.

Who would you pick to play the lead roles if this book was made into a movie?
Jake Gyllenhaal would play the hero, Randy

And the heroine, Jovana, would be played by Leighton Meester

What are you working on now or going to write next?
I am working on the sequel to First Impressions. The title of the second book in the Tombstone Treasures series is First Love

How can readers get in contact with you?
My website is and I give away a book a week (and post book reviews) on my blog which is…

and for people who like edgier fiction, I have a ning group with over 660 members (both authors and readers) and the link is…

What are you currently reading?
Songbird Under a German Moon by Tricia Goyer

Tell us something surprising about yourself that readers may not know.
That I sleep? Um, I dunno.

If you could be any animal, which would you choose? Why?
Probably a dog because then I could sit on the lap of people I think are awesome and I could get all snuggly. Just kidding. I'd just snuggle my husband, and I'd probably lick everyone else's ears. Kidding again.



Childhood memory?
Too many to count. It was pretty cool when I won the high school spelling bee in the 5th grade, though. Except I beat the most popular girl in school whose dad had just died so everyone wanted her to win, including me.

Era to write about?
Modern day anything. I am too lazy to research history and I don't want to tick off the historical snobs by getting something wrong.

What is/was this book’s release date?
April 1st, 2010

Do you have a link to a place to read the first chapter of this book?
Yes, on Goodreads…

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