Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Plain Sight by Michelle Sutton ~ 5 stars

In Plain Sight
Michelle Sutton
(Sequel to Danger at the Door)
Desert Breeze Publishing
About the book:
Jovana was held captive by her gypsy boyfriend for seven years, and when he abandons her she returns to her parents' home in Macedonia. Her brother Bojan introduces her to faith and offers her a new life in Arizona.

While in Arizona, she stays with her future sister-in-law, but as her brother's wedding approaches he is concerned that she will be unsafe staying alone. Her brother has his close friend, her boss Randy, stay with her while they are away to protect her, only she objects to being treated like a child. A handsome stranger is pursuing her and she likes it, but she has no idea his intentions are for her destruction.

On the other hand her boss, Randy, is a wholesome, good man who even speaks her language. She can't imagine a nice man like him wanting a woman with her history, so she pursues the dangerous man, but she gets in way over her head. At the same time she discovers a surprising attraction to Randy developing, and because she is afraid of her feelings toward him, she does everything she can think of to scare him off. But he's tough to shake loose, which is, of course, exactly what she needs to heal.

My review:
(The copy that I reviewed was an ARC ebook, so it is not the final edited version.)

True love gives, it does not take. It does not demand its own way. It is patient, kind, etc… This is the lesson that Jovana is learning, slowly but surely. Through her own painful experiences she has learned to distrust men outside of her family. Even though her brother trusts Randy, her boss and her brother’s friend, he has yet to win Jovana’s trust in him as well. She assumes that he is like all the other men that used her despite the deep faith that she recognizes in him.

I loved the message in this book for women who have been deceived or hurt by men they thought they loved and who loved them back. Randy teaching Jovana about her self-worth was such a sweet thing to read about and I felt her self esteem growing throughout the book. I love it when a guy refuses to be scared away by the woman he loves. That is character… and I love a guy with true character!

The writing seemed a little rushed, especially towards the end, but that might just be because it was an ARC. I’m not a writer so I am not sure exactly how many things change between the ARC and the final edited version of a book, so that might be changed in the final copy.

All in all, I really liked it and I would definitely recommend it. :)


Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

This is one I CANNOT wait to read! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it! :-)

XOXO~ Renee

Anonymous said...

She's a great writer. Love her work.

Michelle Sutton said...

Hey, there. Do you have a favorite of the two? Danger or In Plain Sight?
As for the shortness, both of these books have a limited word count so they are shorter than other books.

Michelle Sutton said...

BTW, loved your review. :) I should've said that first, silly me!

G.R.I.T.S. said...

I love your blogs!! I actually just picked up both of your blog buttons, and have them on my site now!!

It's amazing how much we have in common!!! I too am Homeschooled, & a junior! Talk about wow! lol

keep up the good work!

Casey said...

Great review! Looks like a book I would like. But then, I think I would like any of Michelle's book, I have heard only good things about them! :)

Carman said...

Renee~ Thanks for reading my review!

Lynn~ I feel the same way. :)

Michelle~ I couldn't choose a favorite. I like them both equally. Thanks!

Rae~ Thanks for the sweet words and for the support of my blogs! Its really encouraging. :D That is awesome! I'll be sure to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Casey~ Thanks! Its all true. They are wonderful. I'm sure you would enjoy them!

Linda said...

Michelle is a well-written author. Have read a couple of her books and enjoy them immensely. Your review helped me understand the premise of the book, and to know I definitely want to read it.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Carman said...

Linda~ I feel the same way about Michelle. Glad my review could help! I try to do my best when writing reviews. :)