Monday, December 14, 2009

Cowboy Christmas by Mary Connealy ~ 5/5 stars

Cowboy Christmas
Mary Connealy

Barbour Publishing
About the book:
Singer Annette Talbot used her voice to spread the gospel with a traveling missionary troupe. When the Latrells take over and want Annie to dress provocatively and give up singing her beloved hymns, Annie flees to Ranger Bluff, Wyoming, dreaming of reuniting with her father for Christmas. But trouble chases her—right off the edge of a cliff!

Elijah Walker’s heart turned as cold and barren as the high plains in December after his ex-fiancee betrayed him and caused his father’s death. But when he recues Annie out of a freezing river, Walker’s instincts tell him he must help a stranger in need.

Has Annie hidden the truth about wanted posters bearing her fact too long for anyone to believe her now?

Can Elijah, over come the painful past and learn to love again? Will there ever be peace in their hearts in time for Christmas?

My review:
Cowboy Christmas is another great book by Mary Connealy. Her fans are sure to enjoy this laugh-out-loud story that takes place at Christmastime. I loved the theme of being brave, and standing up for your faith. Although, Annette Talbot seemed to get in a lot of trouble trying to do just that. Then the wonderful Elijah Walker would have to come save her. Sigh. I love all of Mary Connealy’s books, and this is no exception. She always has a witty comment or funny turn-of-phrase that will make you laugh. The element of suspense in her books is also fun to read. A definite to-read.


collettakay said...

This book is on its way to me from Amazon. In fact, I better get to the PO to see if it's there waiting for me. Can't wait to read it!

collettakay said...

I just got back from the PO, and it was there!

It will be next on my list to read.

Anonymous said...

Looks great.... even the cover is interesting! :O)

Carman said...

Collettakay~ I'm so glad! That was funny =) Hope you enjoy the book!

destrella~ I love all of Mary's covers so far. If you haven't seen her other books, make sure to check them out!