Monday, November 15, 2010

Nightingale by Susan May Warren ~ 4 stars

Susan May Warren
Brothers in Arms series #2
Summerside Press
About the book:
Esther Lange doesn’t love her fiancé—she’s trapped in an engagement after a mistaken night of passion.

Still, she grieves him when he’s lost in battle, the letters sent to her by the medic at his side giving her a strange comfort, so much that she strikes up a correspondence with Peter Hess, an Iowa farmboy. Or is he? Peter Hess is not who he seems. Indeed, he’s hiding a secret, something that could cost them both their lives, especially when the past comes back to life. A bittersweet love song of the home front war between duty and the heart...a battle where only one will survive.

My review:
I didn’t like this book as much as the first book in the series, Sons of Thunder, but I did like it. It was SO different from Sons of Thunder! The plot, the style, almost everything was so different. But, like the first book, this has a strong faith message and a message about being redeemed through Christ. I liked that the Esther was a “fallen woman” who was searching for what was missing in her life. However, I didn’t feel very close to her. That may have been because of the POV changes to the main male lead, but I’m not sure. I just didn’t get totally caught up in her story.

Part of the reason I didn’t really connect with this book may have been because I was trying to read it quickly. However, the book has GREAT historic details that help the era to come alive. The letters exchanged between Esther and Peter were so sweet and I really enjoyed reading them. This IS a good book in its own right, just very different from book one in the series.

Thanks to LitFuse for my free review copy of  this book. Visit their site and Nightingale post HERE.


Casey said...

Thanks for the review Carman! I really want to read this book. :)

Carman said...

You're welcome! Thanks for commenting. :) I hope you enjoy it and get to read it soon!

Renee Ann said...

The cover of this book is beautiful! Even tho' you only gave it 4 stars, I'm interested in grabbing a copy in the future. Thanks for the review, Carman!

Carman said...

Renee Ann~ Yes it is! I love the cover. :) Well, I hope you enjoy it! :) Thanks for commenting!

barbjan10 said...

I agree with Renee that the cover of Susan's book is beautiful. I haven't read the Sons of Thunder, so I can't draw any conclusions on the readabiility of this story. I do think I'd like this book. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win Susan's book. I hope I do!

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Carman said...

Barb~ You should definitely read Sons of Thunder! I loved that book. It is amazing! Well, I hope you would enjoy it! This isn't a giveaway, only a review, but if you click on the link in my sidebar, it should take you to a special giveaway that the author is doing. :)

MJ @ Creative Madness Mama said...

I really want to read this series! Oh to the wish list. Susie was one of the first CHF authors that I fell in love with through her co-authored series the Heirs of Anton. It was a generational series and each book and character was so different in personality than the other. I loved it! But it was unique.

Charlotte Kay said...

I have not read either book in this series, but I do appreciate the book review so I can know what to expect.
Thanks for sharing with all of us, Carman!
Many blessings:)

Carman said...

MJ~ I haven't read much of Susan's work. But I have read one of her series called, Noble Legacy, and I loved it! I want to read her PJ Sugar series, too. She is very unique. :)

Charlotte~ Thanks! And thank you for commenting! :) You should definitely look into reading them! I really loved the first book. :)